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KRS 0000197078

1. The Association consociates natural persons and was established mainly for the purpose

of granting support and aid to persons with cancer or any disease with no hope of recovery,

disabled persons and their families.

2. The Association participates in other charity work as either organizer or participant

together with non-governmental organizations, authorities and central and local institutions.

Objectives of the Association.

Art. 8.

1. The objectives of the association are as follows:

a. protect and promote health concern,

b. act for the benefit of disabled persons and their integration with the society,

c. be involved in charitable activities,

d. grant aid for persons and their families in a difficult life situation and providing equal

opportunities for them.

e. act for vocational and social integration and reintegration of people endangered by

exclusion from the society,

f. act for the benefit of pensioners,

g. act for the benefit of the Family,

h. promote and organize voluntary work,

i. act for European integration and development of contacts and cooperation between


j. act for non-governmental organizations, legal persons and business units which work is

based on articles concerning the relations between the Republic of Poland and the Roman

Catholic Church, the relationship between the State and churches and other religious

organizations, guarantee of conscience and religious denomination, associations and local

government units, social cooperatives and joint-stock companies and limited liability

companies, whose work is not profit-related and full amount of their revenue is allocated

to realization of the statutory objectives and not distributed among their members,

shareholders and employees.

k. act for preservation of environment and ecology.

2. The Association conducts its business for the benefit of:

a. patients with cancer,

b. persons with chronic diseases, the disabled and elderly persons,

c. persons endangered by or suffering from lymphatic system disorders,

d. families of the abovementioned people when they take care of and after death of their


3. The Association propagates the idea and methods of palliative and hospice care, long-term

help for elderly persons, rehabilitation for persons endangered by or suffering from lymphatic

system disorders.

4. The Association realizes the abovementioned care and aid (tasks) in new and existing

objects (including hospices and residential and nursing homes), their own, spared or rented.

For this purpose the Association may initiate construction, extension, reconstruction,

renovation and modernization of those objects.

5. The Association enlists persons of good will ready to selflessly grant aid and care to

people who are the subject of the Association’s activities.

Sources of Association’s activities

Art. 9

1. The Association realizes the activities from article 8 by carrying out unpaid and paid

2. The Association carries out unpaid activities by realizing the following tasks:

a. protection of human health,

b. establishing non-public health care institutions and other forms of health care and

social institutions,

c. acting for culture, art, national heritage and culture protection,

d. developing, coordinating and introducing projects, contests and other operations

consistent to statutory objectives,

e. conducting research and development work in fields of medicine and pharmacy,

f. educational, social, cultural and charity activities,

g. organizing, performing and supporting educational activities for medical workers and

other interested persons,

h. promoting the objectives of the Association by means of media and via Internet,

i. publishing books, prospects and other publications concerning protection and

promotion of health and promotion and activities of voluntary service,

j. printing prospects, leaflets and other publications concerning promotion and protection

of health and promotion and protection of voluntary service,

k. organizing the meetings, seminars, conferences and trainings,

l. cooperating with national and external institutions and organization with similar scope

of activity,

m. cooperating with public authorities, self-governments, the mass media and business

entities, and also initiating partnerships in fields of protection and promotion of health,

3. The Association carries out paid activities by realizing the following tasks:

a. selling articles and endowments in order to perform the tasks of public benefit


b. charging for carrying out activities specified in article 2 points b, c, d, e, f, g, i, j, k

when the means for financing the activities of the Association are insufficient..

4. The Association realizes their objectives by cooperation with authorities and public and

self-governed services, the mass media and other subjects on the basis of regulations stated

in Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act from 24 April 2003 (Journal of Laws No 96 item

873) with later amendments.

5. The Association cooperates with other non-governmental organizations, church

organizations, units of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland, the National Health

Fund, national and external institutions with similar purposes and similar scope of activity.

6. In order to obtain material resources for realization of their objectives, the Association:

a. collects membership subscription, monetary and material donations from friends and

well-wishers of the Association (legal entities and natural persons);

b. raises funds by means of collections and other actions;

c. works towards grants, donations and subsidies from different sources (public and non-
public resources i.a. by applying to authorities and public and self-governed service and

other institutions);

d. enters into contracts with National Health Fund.

7.To realize their objectives the Association constitutes the field administrative units within

the limits of the law and those units:

a. are subordinate directly to the Management Board of the Association and work under the

Statute of the Association;

b. may have legal personality.

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